Hello! I'm LR Hale.
I'm a cartoonist and I draw stories
(that you can read for free on the internet)

A sapphic supernatural webcomic. NOT Screen Reader Compatible, but I'm working on it, sorry.
STATUS:  Currently ongoing
UPDATES: Fridays
RATING:  Mature readers only, occasionally NSFW

A series of improvised 24-page shorts done in under 24-hours each. NOT Screen Reader Compatible, yet
STATUS:  Currently ongoing
UPDATES: Whenever
RATING:  Varied (rating is specified at the top of each comic)

I'm a sapphic hafu currently suffering in Texas. I have a decent sense of direction, but a deficient sense of humor. I pronounce gif with a soft "g". My greatest accomplishment is receiving a participation sticker from the D.A.R.E. program.


last updated: 2020.10.31